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    • Hello, 20 MB players will play here with KOJ. i hope this server reminds me old days :) and i hope to see old members 
    • Hello everyone, We want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this community. The BETA phase will remain available almost every day. We will periodically push updates and request the help of players during the remaining time of the BETA phase. This will only be done through our discord server. Taking everyone's opinion into account, we came to the next decision, Grand Opening is set for September 12th! Enjoy the summer!
    • Hekaton Current: Produces the following effects: MP +42 and +15% CP Suggestion 1: Provides a wild magic effect Suggestion 2: Increase P.Atk by 5% Shadith Current: Produces the following effects: MP +21 and 500% faster hp regen Suggestion 1: Increase healing received (by others) by 10-20% Suggestion 2: Reflect dmg skill 10-20% dmg ref Suggestion 3: 4% P.def and 4%.Mdef Faster hp regen just isnt usefull. If this becomes another healing effect buff (like orfen already changed) bishop are getting to strong to kill. If it healing received by other it would be usefull by tanks. Same for the reflect dmg. Tayr Current: Produces the following effects: MP +21 and +100 bow range Suggestion 1:Buff the bow range to 200 maybe? 100 Basically does nothing Suggestion 2: +7 speed and Vampiric rage effect   Crok blade Current: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7% and Accuracy by 6. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 1: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7%  Increases Critical Attack by 95. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 2: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Critical Attack by 95 and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 3: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7% and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack. Enhances damage to target during PvP Sugestions: becomes viable single handed dps, usable by classes that would sometimes use a DK + shield. Since swords have a decent crit rate. Im not sure but i think the suggestions order of power are 2>1>3. Suggestion 1 are the same effects as a cudgel tho and suggestion 2 as DK   SoA Current: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Accuracy by 6 and maximum HP by 25%. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion: Increases Atk. speed by 7% and maximum HP by 25%. Enhances damage to target during PvP SoA is meant as a tank weapon. Giving it Haste or defence stat would be more suitable. Altough giving it Pdef and Mdef makes it weird as a wep.   Axe of Ketra  I really like what Irelevant person suggested giving it Hp+haste Dk DK: There are only a few classes that can use duals effectivly. If there are already Croks in the game why have dk dk. Maybe just remove them and add the Claws in the place on the droptable Dusk Sword Current: Increases M. Atk. by 15%. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion: increase Magic Critical Damage +20% If this is combined with the core and suggestion for hekaton/valakas. It might be possible to make some 1-hit kills, which gives mages a new playstyle.   The other L2Gold weps and jewels are fine imo (Orfen and Core are already buffed).
    • There are too many L2G Weapons. Making changes is fine but you shouldnt prioritize making everything "useful". People can live without Trident,Ketra,DKDK. Trying to add "spicy" buffs wont make the server any better. It will be just 1 more variable to try to balance out because most of the times it will be either a) Overbuffed - abusable or b) Useless , and the community will laugh it off.   The D.Sword,D.Staff,LF suggestion above is nice.
    • smakepz come discrord to discuss leave this topic for ideas not for your personall preference admins clean topic pls with only suggestions
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