Warning: Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.


  • Botting - No botting or any third-party software.
  • AFK Farming - It's forbidden.
  • Bugs - If a bug is found, you must report it immediately. Otherwise, you'll be considered a bug abuser.
  • Advertise - Advertising other servers on any chat is forbidden.
  • Chat - Hero/World is English only. Do not ask for events. Do not ask for GM assistance, that is what the petition system is for.
  • Spam - Be kind and polite.


  • Language - English is the universal language outside of international language section.
  • Do not go off-topic - Do not derail someone's topic. If you need to make a post do it in the right section.
  • Proper thread titles - When you're opening a thread, avoid titles such as "Help me, check it please, why, etc.".
  • Reporting an issue - Please try to make it as detailed as possible. Have patience.
  • Flaming - Do not do it. We are internationally diverse, everyone is allow to play here. We do not judge.
  • Spam - Be kind and polite.

Breaking any of the rules will result in foss/delevel/jail/ban.