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Activity, Future Updates

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Hi Community,

I will change the status of my activity from active to partially active. The server will remain online at all times. We will restart the server from time to time to test various changes. We will take the time to plan the future of the server. We want to thank every player who has supported us - we will always be grateful. We'll be back!

This is a plan for future updates. More or less - we'll do the following:

  • Adding daily/weekly missions: https://l2wiki.com/Daily_Missions
  • Adding solo/party instances. e.g. Kamaloka: https://l2wiki.com/Kamaloka_(Hall_of_the_Abyss)
  • Extending the current Event Engine - adding more events. Such as CTF, LMS and DM.
  • Adding on-screen enchant rate before confirming the enchant on the item.
  • Adding Olympiad custom balance - stats only taking effect while inside the Olympiad, and a dedicated change-log for it.
  • Reworking Hero weapons' stats.
  • Reworking the melee damage.
  • Reworking the aggro skill effect. Adding the attack action. Adding effect chance. Decreasing the reuse delay.
  • Reworking the farm zones and its drops.
  • Adding Hax Trader: 3 L2G weapons of any kind = 1 L2G weapon of your choice.
  • Vote Manager: If you vote every 12 hours, you get to keep a special buff.
  • Reworking the Premium System. Lowering the premium levels or completely removing the levels and upgrade options. 
  • Macro Looping: Removing or making it use-able only for one command so you can still spam a skill, but not AFK-farming.
  • Grand bosses idea (1 of 2 choices):
    • Grandboss instances for small parties to drop jewels that are expiring within a few days.
    • Lowering and randomizing the respawn time.

Once the server is ready and fully tested, we will most likely wipe it. Wipe will not take place soon.

Thank you.

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