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  1. Agora tem br nessa porra?
  2. toxa_xa


    I tried to play until the end playing the server, but it didn't work. Server for european players who do not give a chance to other players, play alone having to open 3 buff boxes with 2 friends to try to kill the boss and with 5% missing you get PK, we’re tired. See you next time maybe.
  3. I think the areas are good, IT is a great area for people who play alone (EF too). What is missing is what i say, a chaotic party zone with mobs that are really worth it. But ok, @Trance started doing this, but i see that a lot of people don't have much to do because everyone already has almost all the items. We need an area with good drops, but with items that people don't have yet. Even the bosses are a little annoying to be chasing after. Another tip i give is to make all buffs 1 hour long, less prophecies such as: PWater, PFire, PWind and COV. I think the server is very monotome that way. What i see in Giran during the day are players complaining to each other and fighting among themselves, but i never see that being resolved.
  4. Hello, im a brazilian who plays the server. I saw that u released some different items for donation. The price is good. For those who live in Europe. For brazilians(and even some other South American countries) €35 euros is more than R$200 reais (local currency). In the midst of a pandemic, who has R$200 for a game is almost surreal. So my tip is that something could be done for us in South America who are playing the server, a readjustment in the currency values for us, would that be possible?
  5. It's one more thing to negotiate and help keep the server longer. Good idea!
  6. The changes in the farm areas were good, but in Imperial Tomb it is not dropping Enria and Stem.
  7. Can anyone tell me how the olympiad will work? I saw that you can't S-Grade items. But on the enchant, how much can i enchant my weapon and armor? Max enchant? And about feed, is allowed?
  8. A party zone is just a place that ALL players would join to go. Boss not everyone goes because not everyone has enough people to kill. But in a Party zone, i already played 300 thousand servers that random people set up pt to go together. And yes, pvp is much more exciting and frantic.
  9. ***Please create a chaotic party zone.***
  10. I only see one clan with 8 parties dominating all bosses. There comes a time when you don't have the same number of players, you get tired of going to pvp and stay put in giran, because the farm area is very boring, the server doesn't have that much pvp. What purpose? Please have a chaotic party zone. The server is half-stopped, people are very spread out. Noblesse is very difficult to do with a clan and impossible for those who play alone. Olympiad is not rolling. We want to see death! Blood! Pvp!
  11. toxa_xa

    Tem br por ai?

    Algum br de bobeira ai? Estou com alguns amigos aqui e tamo pensando em montar uma PT pra gente criar um clan e/ou tentar uma cp em algum clan gringo ai. Se alguém ae tiver interesse, deixa msg aqui que vamo conversar. Temos TS.
  12. I think the two simple things happen. 1: Create a chaotic party zone, with very good drops, where everyone would gather their clan to go and farm, an idea of 5 players to kill the mob. I think that would mix a farm idea with a lot of pvp. 2: some indication that Brazilians are welcome on the server, because that still doesn't seem to be real. I see some things that leave something to be desired against us brs, i don't want to merit here, because each one has his ego hurt and does it the way he wants with him. But one idea is to put TVT at a time that is good for us. The times that TVTs currently take place are exactly when 90% are at work. For example, i only get to go TVT on saturday and sunday.
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