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  1. koulos500


    By the way,We are three days in server testing classes and gears cause we didnt have time for beta we are thinking to get premiums for the most members in the clan,so consider our request and make more balance the server! we like to play all classes all races we have some nerds want to play also spoilers so plis consider making balanced server again!
  2. koulos500


    Admin you suposed to be a serious person i heard and thats why i log into your server Stop acting like babysiter and make peoples favors from the begging of the server making so much changes and people level up players making gears making rebirth and you change everything until only archers and mages remain for pvp archer stun is more succesable from tanks or warlords? where did you see that tyrants stun also pretty good at first days and now is the worst nerfed dagger like hell why? because some players doesnt know how to play against assasin oponents! For many reasong that i am lazy right now to spam plis change the server or 3 partys we are leaving in the next days! No offense i am just a player with who likes versality gameplay.
  3. koulos500


    plis dont let me with this answer! as a gladi i dont want much atck speed i need patck and for this reason i am playing x3 might rebirth like my tyrant and i think 150 atck speed deference in those two classes doesnt have to be 10 second cooldown in the skills!
  4. koulos500


    Gladiator's ranged aoe skill Sonic Storm has 12 second couldown and tyrants aoe skills has 2 second plis fix this one!
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