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  1. Hi Community, Once again, happy new year everyone! This forum has been archived - you can read but you can't post. Account registrations were disabled. Stay tuned for the new website and forum! A friendly reminder to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/XSwcw8y Thank you.
  2. Good day, Macro-looping was one of the server issues we want to avoid. You have the following 2 options you can vote for You'll be able to continue looping a skill, but you won't be able to add more than one command line. So you can't use it to AFK-farm, but you will still be able to rest your hands while spamming a skill, for example. You will have all 12 command lines, but you will not be able to use /attack or /useskill. Thank you.
  3. December 8, 2020 - Added on-screen enchant rate before/after confirming the enchant on the item. - Reworked Hero weapons' stats. All hero weapons have L2Gold weapons' stats and Max CP, HP and MP +15%. - Reworked the melee damage. Increased the melee damage for melee classes and their primary/secondary weapon-type. - Revamped the design of the Event Shop. Added Hax section: 3 L2Gold weapons of any kind = 1 L2Gold weapon of your choice. Less use-able S-Grade Weapons can also be haxed.
  4. Hi Community, I will change the status of my activity from active to partially active. The server will remain online at all times. We will restart the server from time to time to test various changes. We will take the time to plan the future of the server. We want to thank every player who has supported us - we will always be grateful. We'll be back! This is a plan for future updates. More or less - we'll do the following: Adding daily/weekly missions: https://l2wiki.com/Daily_Missions Adding solo/party instances. e.g. Kamaloka: https://l2wiki.com/Kamaloka_(Hall_of_the_Abyss) Extending the current Event Engine - adding more events. Such as CTF, LMS and DM. Adding on-screen enchant rate before confirming the enchant on the item. Adding Olympiad custom balance - stats only taking effect while inside the Olympiad, and a dedicated change-log for it. Reworking Hero weapons' stats. Reworking the melee damage. Reworking the aggro skill effect. Adding the attack action. Adding effect chance. Decreasing the reuse delay. Reworking the farm zones and its drops. Adding Hax Trader: 3 L2G weapons of any kind = 1 L2G weapon of your choice. Vote Manager: If you vote every 12 hours, you get to keep a special buff. Reworking the Premium System. Lowering the premium levels or completely removing the levels and upgrade options. Macro Looping: Removing or making it use-able only for one command so you can still spam a skill, but not AFK-farming. Grand bosses idea (1 of 2 choices): Grandboss instances for small parties to drop jewels that are expiring within a few days. Lowering and randomizing the respawn time. Once the server is ready and fully tested, we will most likely wipe it. Wipe will not take place soon. Thank you.
  5. - Decreased fighters' skill power (only) for criticals. Gladiator and Dagger classes are excluded. - Decreased Empower Lv 1's magical attack. - Fixed Vampiric Cubic's damage issue. - Fixed Special Ability: Critical Bleed/Poison. - Squash event: Can no longer use pole. - Squash event: Extended mobs' spawn area. - TvT event: Can no longer use Greater Heal. Battle Heal is still use-able.
  6. - Replaced all IP conditions with hardware ID - TvT, Olympiad and Vote Manager. Kindly please report any issue or exploit.
  7. - Changed /time to be more clear what's the difference between the 2 times. - Fixed a bug which was causing the PvE points to get wiped. - Increased Heroic Berserker's physical/magical attack speed from 100 to 200 and run speed from 20 to 30. - Removed Heroic Valor's magical attack/defense (it was custom). Note: Skill description will be changed once we release the next updater release. - Removed Heroic Grandeur. - Removed Heroic Dread. - Reduced max buff count from 16 to 15. - Changed resist buffs and dances' stats to be more c4/c6 like. - Changed the prophecies to be more c4/c6 like. * Removed Prophecy of Fire's magical defense. * Removed Prophecy of Wind's physical/magical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched. * Removed Prophecy of Water's physical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched. - TvT event: Registration NPC was moved to Aden. - TvT event: Added Tie reward. - High Rate event: Gatekeeper NPCs were moved to Aden.
  8. - Changed max buffs count from 17 to 16. - Changed Water Resistance, Fire Resistance and Wind Resistance to be self buffs. - Implemented Community Board - Drop Info. - Slightly increased enchant chance for weapons. - Reduced Heroic Valor's buff time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Full check the updater.
  9. - Aden Castle Town is now the main town! - Swapped the sieges between Giran and Aden castle! - Removed the castle-town NPC crest feature. - Changed Olympiad's competition period to be from 19:00 to 21:00. - Changed EXP Box item to be tradeable. - PK Quest: Changed Agathion's Seal - Sin Eater's condition to be able to be used on sub classes as well. - Fixed using summon stop and attack actions increasing attack speed. - Reworked the voiced commands .expon/expoff. - Enabled the voiced commands .opendoors/closedoors for castles' lords. - Increased Hero weapons' PAtk/MAtk. - Slightly increased L2Gold Weapons' PAtk/MAtk passively. - Increased Angelic Icon's buff time back to 1 minute. - Renamed Elemental Resistance to Elemental Protection. - Renamed Holy Attack Resistance to Divine Protection.
  10. - Fixed Olympiad scheduling. - Extended Olympiad Competition Period with 10 minutes. - Changed Olympiad Battle Period from 5 to 3 minutes. - Added Empower to the Olympiad buffer. - Fixed buffs level typo for the Olympiad buffer. - Added a second global announcement when Olympiad Games are taking place. ^ Olympiad Info: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/ - Enter-character: Opens Community Board. - Fixed Community Board -> Raid Status' marker to open the Map before adding the marker. - Removed the crown raid bosses from Raid Bombs. - Changed Brothers Bound in Chains (PK quest) to randomly remove 5 or 10 PKs. - Changed Doll Knife*Doll Knife's weapon type from Dual to Dual Dagger. It can now be used with dagger skills. Increased its base Critical Rate and Attack Speed. - Changed Sonic Rage's MP consume back to default as per skill description. - Increased Prophecies' MP consume from 72 to 122. - Decreased Dryad Root's debuff time from 30 to 10 seconds. - Added Angelic Icon lv 1 to Paladin. Currently 30 seconds. - Added back 30% skill power to the Archer classes. - Removed Focus Skill Mastery's critical skill chance bonus (it wasn't c4 like). Corrected skill description. - TvT event: Restricted the following skills: Prophecy of Water/Fire/Wind, Chant of Victory, Balance Life, Body of Avatar, Resurrection, and Mass Resurrection. Greater Battle Heal and Greater Group Heal were already restricted. - TOI: Increased the drop chance for SN and mantras.
  11. - Olympiad scheduling has been changed: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/ - TvT event: Scheduled every 2 hours. - Refining: Unlocked up to Apella 75%. You also need 1 Event Medal for each piece of Apella. - ClanHallAuction: Enabled and it's using Support Medals instead of Adena. Everything else remains the same. - Fixed a bug when a melee/summoned pet could attack from far away while following. - Elven Fortress: Increased the drop chance for mats on mobs and for enria on giants.
  12. - Fixed all timing issues for events and daily reset tasks (daily reward, world chat, etc). - We have changed the following features for Castle sieges: If Life Control Towers are intact, the time is 30 seconds, if they are destroyed, it's 8 minutes. The attackers can attack each other. Classic castle siege information: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Castle_Sieges
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