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  1. Hello again Trance I've thinking about new L2gold weapons for diferent classes: Like weapon for mage summoner/fighter summoner ,giving stats for summon. Or l2gold dagger for dagger class giving crt dmg+ blow dmg/chance or an ugly bleed. Also l2gold fist must be implemented. I would like to see more classes at pvp/farm You say this gold one will be on classic client, did you though about SA system? Will be interlude like or classic like(runes) I hope you wont implement attribute system(dont know if that feature exist on classic) Btw , i m talking about tyrant/blade dancer/songer /tank /warlord . => they should deal top dmg with their weapon mastery. We dont wana see only dk and hali for all fighters. ( on last gold server i played , tyrant with dk+0 giving more dps than demon spr+f+15) Everyone should play their weapons,ofc that not meaning cant do dmg with bow or something else. Will be great if you will add extra skills to auto attack classes,to be a bit dificult for pve/pvp,or maybe on classic the skills are a bit diferent. This is it for the moment. Hope i dont bother you with my ideeas. Thank you:)
  2. Wish you the best of luck with your project. I can't wait to join the server when will be live^^
  3. Hello there :) This its a list with my vision about the new L2Gold 1st of all , i dont like 5x custom weaps/armours I would like that apella beign the first high gear, after a while add dynasty About weapons , its good clasic l2gold weap,after adding dynasty and l2gold weaps can be upgraded I would like a new refining system,a complexed one with alot of kind of mats, and accesories with stats l2g weaps can be refine to(there are alot of players who like play solo) 4 or 5 farm zones should be enough the enchant rate should be normal 66%, same for bews exchangebel rebirths low chance of l2g weaps /jews like 5% i hope you consider somethink i wrote here :)
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