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  1. WoDy


    The fact is, for example Liquid Stefa's clan going to kill everyone on raids, epics etc those randoms will all up againstthem, after that Stefa will ally up someone so they can compete, when randoms start losing again they just quit server because they got no chance to fight his enemy. (that's incase of pvp zone everywhere) Lets say there's no pvp zone at raidbosses, we gonna see a lot of clan less people making random party and go try to kill some raids, we will see small clans (5-7 people / 9-12 people etc) clans coming up on raidbosses trying to get the loot, we will also see Stefa's clan who already has 2-4 Aq's and maybe 1 baium come on raids and OVER DPS all those randoms and get the drops. Conclusion I cant understand why top players aka GOLD KINGS wants pvp zone evewhere when they going to quit after 2-3 weeks. because that's a reality, the only server that guys used to play longer was SIQMA server. I also understand, there are some raidbosses with top drops like horuth garaxia mos falston etc, and yeah that kind of raids should be on pvp zone, but I cant understand why yu want behemonth on pvp zone? or Decabria or Phalibatty those raids who drop trash weapons dk*dk Trident Clock blade
  2. WoDy


    @@Trance forget about what I said before, just make pvp zone everwhere since ivory tower the spawn place to the highest farm area, make all farm places pvp zone and let @Reggaza have pvp 24/7 after 3 days when nobody will go to farm / raids / epics they will leave server togheder with the hundreds of people who cannot play. Lets make l2gold great again full pvp server 3 days life server
  3. WoDy


    Also, that idea is pretty good. Epic bosses pvp zone about the rest of raidbosses 50/50 half pvpzone half Normal zone, anyways the zergs will came and pk everyone so it dossnt matter tbh
  4. WoDy


    to be honest, most of gold servers failed because of you (the guys who wanted pvp zone everywhere), once you guys find another server you going to leave anyway, so I cant see any problem if Epic raidbosses has pvp zone and normal raidbosses has normal area. If you are that pro as you said, you can just go over the randoms and pk them all same as Russians do on every server. How small clans supposed to gear up if there is pvp zone everywhere? I guess most of you "gold players" forgot that L2gold (I talk about the old one) had no pvp zone on raidbosses, and people were able to pull out Queen ant from ant nest to Gludio Castle, also small groups of people wich was not able to fight the zerg clans had a small chance to move the raidboss away from the spawn so they can kill it in peace ! Stop complain about Server Features when most of that clans who play on gold servers leave after 2-4 weeks, the only server you guys played longer was gold.in because it was the quarantine and most of you sit in home and there was no other gold project open at the same time Every server has same problems, clans who join there with 2-3 partys want pvp zone everywhere and clans who got 1 party or 1.5 partys wants to have a small chance to play there. @@Trance you should find a way to make bouth sides happy, The one who wants nonstop pvp and the one who want to enjoy the L2Gold style server !
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