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  1. Also @Trance about L2Gold weapons its better to use special glow so edit the "env"
  2. Its good to join you As i said earlier on MxC... Separate Game Seasons Season 1 [without any client modifications (weapons & armors)] Season 2 [ +Apella (Incl Recipes)] Season 3 [ + Gold Weap with different SA (Incl Recipes)] Season 4 [Dynasty Armors + Weapons] Season 5 [Morai] Season 6 [Vesper (Incl Vesper Noble)] Season 7 [Vorpal] Season 8 [Elegia] Season 9 [Infinity] (Hero Weapons) and Cloaks Season 10 [New Epic Jwl] Also about the Client i think Fafurion or Salvation will do!
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