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  1. That behavior is wrong because if the game is only kiting then why people should make melee class champions for pvp? It seems stupid. "on gold server" this behavior is also wrong, the point of the gold server back then was all classes could see playability and if you only think like a "gold server". What do you mean nobody like seeing gladi being viable? All classes should see play. then why should 3 same weapons should exist?
  2. Disclaimer:The post is based in the idea that the devs wanna make ALL WEAPONS be chosen for a reason, or players have the option to make a specific setup.I am all in so weapons have a third stat boost instead of those classic 2 they forever had. I really would play an L2Gold Server but it would be more hype to get a revamped L2Gold server. Many players played this specific L2Gold and it's getting repetitive. That's of course my opinion. Disclaimer2: Stats are acquired from re-equipping them so I don't have any clue if any of those have either more damage into pvp or mobs, since their itemname writes nothing more than their 2 extra stats plus pvp damage. I know that the purpose of the l2gold weapons ( as the server feature always had written ) is that the l2gold weapon is an SA S-Grade weapon but a little better. We keep that in mind, but imo it's not bad that weapons could be a little more boosted, I mean they are weapons from bosses. So, AFAIK the favorites were: DK,DUAL CROKIAN,CROKIAN,LADYS FAN,DREADBANE,HALISHA. So what can be done for the rest to players have choices; - LF vs Dusk Staff vs Dusk Sword. For the record, Dusk Sword is Dusk Staff but worse (less casting speed).Aside Dusk Sword,the other 2 have a sole difference(physical stats are irrelevant, I guess), its MATK, so LF is Dusk Staff but better. We could either add something to dusk staff so it can be used for healing classes(either casting speed,or a third stat?).If either choice is added however, we should boost a bit LF itself.Then what about Dusk Sword? A random thought could be: - Dusk Sword for Max MATK. - LF balanced. - Dusk Staff Max CSPEED. - DKDK vs CROKCROCK Their difference:DK more accurate,crocks more critical damage. We all know DKDK back before were non-existent.The sacrifice for 6 acc for 100 critical damage I guess is enough. What could be done; Honestly, that's a bit hard. One of them could be used to classes that use dual skills and the other for fast basic attacks but since there are 2 classes with dual skills it's kinda weird.I can't find a way to make DKDK more valuable than crocks at this point.For example if I play with crocks as a bd, whatever I hit besides daggers or some mages with evasion shield, accuracy is irrelevant.So, more patk into crocks and more attack speed into dk? That's bad I guess.I have no clue so I will leave it open. - Giant Trident vs DK Difference:DK more PCritical DMG, trident evasion. I am not familiar with how much impact does 3 more evasion/accuracy into players, but as a number I think that it's kinda bad.Both weapons are used mostly from daggers and dk from almost every class for... reasons, so what if giant trident was specifically the better one solely for daggers? What stat could be added to accomplish this? - Sword of Apostle vs Crokian Blade Difference:Crokian more PATK,more atk speed, apostle max hp.IIRC, apostle was mainly used by tanks solely for that bonus HP, and only this.But I remember that as mentioned before, mostly classes were using DK for almost everything so crokian blade was kinda non-existent.Its atk speed and pcritical for patk had an impact.So what classes should use crokian blade for? - Axe of Ketra vs DB Let's be honest,if a weapon was non-existent, that was axe of ketra. DB was everywhere for its 360 range.I will specify that in its description Axe of Ketra says "increase patk for a critical attack" but in its tab I see an PATK increase in general while dreadbane has more patk in its description,not sure if intended, just mentioning.Honestly as Trance said, Ketra could be a PvP weapon and DB for farm, but I could see a world that those 2 would be for both reasons but with their advantages and disadvantages. Those right now are my ideas sitting in my toilet thinking what could be done, so those are general ideas around weapons.
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