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  1. Omg bro u are really fck idiot really... Go die... U speak about gold copy?? O just say trance server is more better from the others true beta like 2 months he speak and answer in all players... Who is your problem? Fck idit go die by order of peakyblinders we are kids? Lets see when server opening
  2. Read your father ideas...
  3. I hope and I believe only this admin trance he can bring back the olds day of l2gold and he can bring new community... I supported this project client and I hope to opening after summer like September... Some ideas Tvt with a grade / custom gears If u open 2 siege opening together same time to broke the zergs... Core orfen lvl 2 for more then expensive this jewels Add 1 or 2 zones for S. Nugget and mandras Devastated siege extra teleports on rbs for more competition on this castle Every siege clan reward normal weapon +12for the start after 1 gold weapon All rbs flag zone and no Lure!!! Every crowns rbs drop max 2 crowns for more expensive the crowns... Ally clans max 2 ( 1+1) Champions mobs with drop bews... Or u can add pagans for new zone with some rates... % Behemoth rbs 3 max to drop parts armor and jewls max 75% only 1 drop ( this help for full mas pvps and actions on new rbs) Add on cudgel apostole trident axe of ketra crocian blade new stuff... This is some ideas from peakyblinders clan We hope to help Thanks all Cya On game By order of the peakyblinders...
  4. Xaxaxaxaxaxaxa We waiting....
  5. ThomasShelby


    Peakyblinders clan comming with 4-5 partys This project I think he going very good Recruiting 2BP/ Recruiting 1cp Pm on game: ThomasShelby/Sheewa/DEFORME/Maeve
  6. Hello From me : First of all Create better community no only l2gold community u must have Community with L2gold/MidRate/LowRate/ and Latinos / after keep the l2gold files and put more ideas Active Gm's event and all this Check the Activity the people and open castle 1or 2- 3 the Winners of castle take 1 l2goldweapon TOke and the Defence the Same Open Olympiad after 2 weeks No Open Donate weapons armor from the first month Put at Donate Skin/Nobllese/Sub Only and Close the armors Refining on 75%/ after 2 weeks Open to 100% and after 4 weeks Open the Apella PeakyBlinders Hope to see soon one good project CYa With Love From ThomasShelby
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