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  1. @BraveToBe@@Trance Thank you very much both of you
  2. Is it possible to upload the client on another file sharing company? Google has limit for too many downloads atm and mega needs premium to download so big file...
  3. @Blackie5min catbuff or pony buff? 2min renewal champion? do you think 2 or 5 min will make a change if its in npc buffer or not?
  4. tade


    @phunkIts simple. There are 4 options. 1. PvP and PK 2. PvP only 3. PK only 4. No PvP, No PK By your last post you dont want option 1,3. Options 2,4 are left. What do you want and why? [spoiler]By the way in you last post you mention that pk is not for solo players. Do you prefer pvp as solo player when you play in rb area? Do you like 1v9? Or no pvp no pk?[/spoiler]
  5. good job guys, looks like a very promising l2gold server. please live up to our expectations. dont let us down
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