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  1. smakepz come discrord to discuss leave this topic for ideas not for your personall preference admins clean topic pls with only suggestions
  2. these are not 3 same weapons pls read before posting pls dont be retard to ask questions on stuff you havent read correctly
  3. Hello , since i ve seen you wanna change the stats on a non used weapons personally i gotta cheer for that decision bcs why every weapon shouldnt be usefull in the game. this is only my personal idea just idea , there is a slot for improvement but this is what came first into my mind when it comes to stats for the certain weapons , lemme start with the most useless 1. ONLY SUGGESTIONS Sword of Apostole - Well sword of apostole used to give 25% hp if im correct and some bonus acuracy and crit/p atk i forgot , you can definitely remove all stats and make it to give 25%HP/(optional)HASTE bcs of aggro spd so you dont have to aggro with AS haste instead/ and optionally you can add P.def/M.def bonus 5-10% since tank already got pretty high that wouldnt be gamebraking. thats all that 1 Tank would benefit from. Dual crocks/DK DK personally i dont see bigger usage of those items reather than some farming and Style, personally if ppl wouldnt mind the only thing you can buff those up with is some P.ATK so they can be stronger than S grade , i dont see any Stat that could change em to be Usefull since you can always KITE those classes with archer/mage in pvp. so crocks/dk dk - Style/farming weapons nothing else i can see em for unless you wanna make Galdis viable in pvp which i wouldnt reccommend nobody like seeing gladi being super vieble on Gold server , but its up to you. in that case some HP / HASTE would help on CROCKS/DKDK. AXE OF KETRA / DREADBANE - personally Dread shouldnt be changed , but ketra you can either make it a pvp Weapon for warlords to add Haste/HP on it or you can leave it as it is. when it comes to LF/D SWORD/D STAFF its all ok bcs D STAFF and LF are same thing only +1 enchant diference in M atk but both give C.speed 17.5 % compared to am acumen which gives 15%. that totally ok wouldnt change anything at all. only thing you can change there is set em up to have same M atk. and thats it. but its not necessery its w/e D sword is a weapon with Empower special ability instead of Acumen . but its still crap bcs that M atk is almost non existant. if you rly wanna make d sword viable weapon you can give him a good Empower buff % or overall M atk on a weapon. but it needs to be pretty high to actually be viable. DK / Trident personally DK/Trident are both dagger weapons but since daggers as a class are good only in early stages when ppl doesnt have a gear you cant make em viable later so their weapons are well ballanced all around nothing you can add there maybe a little bit bonus move speed on trident and thats it. DK is pretty strong with crit special abiliity but its not that good in pvp bcs as i mentioned before ppl are KITING but it is what it is, the best thing you can add is some movement speed / P ATK so ppl can farm better with it but nothing else i can see could change things. Cudgel farming weapon , could give it a buff on DPS nothing else got the point , unless you can make it 50% spoil or smth on a weapon to add like a special ability on a weapon to add 100% spoil rate like Boost or smth so instaed giving 1 fire mantra per spoil it gives 2 and enrias too , would make it pretty expansive on the market. Halisha shouldnt be changed its ok Crit rate and bonus acuracy is perfectly fine. SO THESE ARE MY SUGGESTIONS SORRY IF ENGLISH ISNT THAT RIGHT I RLY DIDNT BOTHERED. ITS ALL UP TO YOU GUYS NON OF THESE SUGGESTIONS IM HARDLY STANDING FOR THESE ARE JUST CHANGES I WOULD MAYBE MAKE, FEEL FREE TO COMENT AND SUGGEST YOURSELF ! PEACE!
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