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  1. IF you give it; Ad COV and prophecy to the buffer standard if you dont give it: you dont need to add it to the NPC Otherwise i will make a OL main XD, it is strong already. And most ppl will walk around without prophey if it is not on the buffer
  2. Combat for sure! BUT As mentioned in the other topic, dont let ppl get loads of PK's without consequenses, like on official. Like you wont get white after killing 1 mob, and start dropping items when you die RED. Also make it possible to lower your PK's not to easy. (but keep the total PK's counting if you want a leaderboard) good idea about the poll
  3. BiggustB


    than i ment Combat zones at raids
  4. BiggustB


    Imo do not allow raids to move that far from there original spawn and get them near town or other safe zones. Make all zones around raidsbosses "normal zones" where you can PK or get PKED or just pvp flagged. That way you can you can always start the fight by attacking the Tank or Bish (or let you get PKED). Ones your PK's increase also increase your Karma at the next PK so you wont get white again after killing 1 mob. Start dropping items or gear after for example 5 PK's so you dont PK all day long without any consequenses. Also make it possible to decrease your PK quanity by doing something (for you to figure out what)...
  5. Well it's my bad i guess xD. I saw the post from Leet about not joining the server coz of non PVP zones at raids. I was assuming he ment safe zone. But i just found the the post about discussing zones around Raids.
  6. You really didnt read the posts do ya xD. In my opinion Leet has a good Point. Lineage 2 is a open PVP MMO. There is no point of making safezones at Raids of that's true. Is this something you guys could consider changing??
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