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  1. There are too many L2G Weapons. Making changes is fine but you shouldnt prioritize making everything "useful". People can live without Trident,Ketra,DKDK. Trying to add "spicy" buffs wont make the server any better. It will be just 1 more variable to try to balance out because most of the times it will be either a) Overbuffed - abusable or b) Useless , and the community will laugh it off. The D.Sword,D.Staff,LF suggestion above is nice.
  2. There is not such a thing as "L2Gold" vision because everyone has his own perspective of how L2Gold is. (Example : Oly) The best thing you can do as a developer though is to look for previous L2G projects and figure out what went wrong with all of these and what they actually did right. Coming up with solutions asap in order to fix various "anti-fun tactics" is the most important thing these days. For example: Every kind of "reward" which is given for "free" or team based events , is abused.People will log bots in order to get more rewards without actually playing. B Grade All vs All events with PvP rewards eliminates all that. I m just saying that because i saw a "online reward", which is the exact same thing. I have 4-5 PCs ... and i m not the only one... Hopefully, things will be reviewed in order to keep things in order. The project looks promising.
  3. You can "trick" MEGA ... Download the App and change the date/time. Keep changing if it stucks again. About Google : Just RR your router.
  4. BraveToBe


    On the one hand,there were L2G servers which didn't have PvP zone around the RBs.People didn't flag and they tried to outdamage the rest. Then they adapted to that and they created bot-titan parties... On the other hand,there were L2G servers which had PvP zone in every RB. Guess what happened : Clans decided to zerg. The clans outside of that either got "worse" RBs (worse quality based on drops-value) either didn't even compete. To be honest, either options look bad. In my opinion, it should be either PvP zone in Epics and bosses like Gara,Horuth etc either you should create a PvP area around RBs in which more than X clans are around, or something similar.I dont know how that sounds like but it's an idea that i had when i started reading this topic. The most important thing though is the drop rate itself. People used to ignore maths and how important they are. Personally, looking into other servers (in this case) and pointing out why they failed and what they did right is the best Test Case you can get when it comes to Live Servers. Obviously,you don't have the numbers but there are indications in which you should look into. For example: L2G.in is full of L2Gold weapons which barely have value: That means the droprate is "high" enough for a "smaller" side server. There are so many things you can point out because there were so many L2G servers ... I can make a list if you feel like it. You should consider making "models" in order to see how things will go when it comes to drops. Lastly, i see at least a couple known "forum suggestioners" who log into every L2G forum since 2014 and they suggest stuff ... Take their word with a grain of salt and their suggestions without any basis. Thats my 2$. Cheers
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