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  1. hey, we are working on it, stay tunned and real all changelogs, we will make an update leting u know about olympiad before it starts.
  2. @MAD


    no one report suck of think sir, and we are 700+ ppl on right now, can u recheck please?
  3. @MAD


    we already tested that, try to use 3x haste rebirts.
  4. @MAD

    Problema de incio!

    hola @mfpdale unable a tu antivirus si tienes uno, antes de entrar en game tienes que apretar el button de " check files " . ej:
  5. hey, thanks for reporting, we going to check that.
  6. Hello everyone, I'd like to show you all the materials you'll need in order to get your gear. Materials and zones where u can get it from: (normal & spoil) The Cementary Wind Mantra, Water Mantra, Varnish, Animal Bone, Silver Nugget Blazing Swamp Wind Mantra, Water Mantra, Silver Nugget, Stem, Adamantite Nugget, Mold Hardener Antharas' Lair Wind Mantra, Water Mantra, Animal Bone, Varnish, Silver Nugget Imperial Tomb ( main farm zone ) All mats you need for reffining and crafting. Ketra Orc Outpost Wind Mantra, Water Mantra. Varka Silenos Outpost Wind Mantra, Fire Mantra. Tower of Insolence Wind Mantra, Water Mantra, Silver Nugget. Forge of Gods: Wind Mantra, Fire Mantra, Water Mantra. Elven Fortress ( main farm zone ) All mats you need for reffining and crafting.
  7. hey @jamiraquain, retail, ofcorse. this is just for beta and char up to lv 70.
  8. @MAD


    Hello @GuTuand welcome, At the moment, all raid bosses are 4 -/+ 1 hours. It's subject to change.
  9. hey @Captivator, no worry, we gona use the special l2gold glow.
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