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  1. Oh boy, do i read PeakyBlinders writing anti-zerg stuff , do i
  2. I voted yes , but it may be tricky with 3 boxes on giants
  3. Come on mate, red names are fancier
  4. MrJack


    Just read your post, could not agree more . The gold community is the reason most of gold servers fail (other than well known gold servers that launched 4-5 times , eventually you will find a reason to cry and leave, same to the latest server that was nearly fine af and half server left because archers were op and the other half of server left cause mages were op , i just feel like all these "well known" clans that made a "career" in every gold server other than real gold are just sitting home waiting for the next server to destroy . PvP zone on raidbosses = QQ for new players and non zerg clans, non PvP zone on Raidbosses = QQ for clans that are zerging the server. @@Trance Good luck with this hahaha
  5. MrJack


    I would suggest categorizing raid bosses , eg. galaxia horus mos and few others that drop hali/lf etc can be pvp zone, or at least leave only crown rbs non pvp zone
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