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  1. Leet


    And yet, would be good idea to split rb by 2 categories where pvp zone gonna be at significant ones like galaxia, horus, vermilion etc, and not pvp zone at bosses like palibati, Cloe, etc. And i would even increase amount of resourses drop from this kind of rb.
  2. Leet


    Spoiling Enria is the most profitiable thing to do in l2gold, even more profitable than farming rb, counting the fact that the drop would be devided by 9. And you will not get every rb, because there're lots of another partys out there RB is the fun and competition zone. If you're not geared up the most efficient for you is to farm enria or other resourses, not going rb.
  3. Yeah but i cant revote )
  4. And yeah i vote for pvp-combat
  5. I dont get the difference between 2 options. Isnt it the same ?
  6. .in is not alive and i was about joining this one. But i didnt know founders of this server are making it this way without pvp for raid bosses. That's sad but just a problem of mine, they do what they want, all i would ask is to make such a significant gameplay things clear. Anyway i am sure that's a huge mistake from the very beginning, because exactly this crappy events when ppl make 9 mages party and run all over the server and press 1 button in purpose to overdmg raid boss. No pvp, no war, just mob killing. That got annoying 10 years ago, and so its gonna be here from my point of view.
  7. yeah we are weak, we cant even pve with mobs without competition. And yet you're not the one to talk here, you lost 2 pvp and merget with another clan, and still got punished every single time we met. So yeah, we weak clan, and this server is perfect for you, killing mobs without fighting is ur fade.
  8. Leet


    good luck pk at 20+ existing bosses with graded apella or ecnahnted halisha. I give u a hint, just make 9 mage party and go rb, and you'll be golden )
  9. Soz guys, we're out. Non-pvp zone at raid bosses is not what we are seaking for. /closed
  10. Leet


    pvp zone at bosses is only way to force ppl to pvp on l2gold server. As always, IMHO
  11. Leet


    And what's the subject to think about in making pvp zones at epics, i dont even get in mind. You want to make AQ raiding to be like PVE event in warcraft? That's hilarious, there's no quistion whether to be or not pvp zone at epics in 2k20, thats univocal fact.
  12. Leet


    That's pro for unorganized zergs, who is ok with idea to 24/7 go on raid boss like on ketra mob, f1 killing it and hope that his party gets to loot. No stress, no fights. Thats perfect for 90% of ppl and i agree with that. And thats con for clans - packs who love this game for competition and ready to fight for their golds. And that's definetely the minority. So yeah i got ur concept but that's not what personaly i expect from this game, unfortunetely. I'll tell you what' raiding is going to be (because it was this way). Randoms or weak clans that dont accept any war make party with 9 or 8 mages, not intended to fight, just farm. In the other hand strong clans with wars going to fight, whilst untugs peacefully farm their rb and dont give a f. One day some of this normal clans going to see like this randoms loot halisha, while they fight. And that's gonna hit and hurt. And so on, and so on.
  13. Leet


    Are rb spots going to be flagged (pvp) zone ?
  14. KnightsOfJustice clan gonna be here. Looking for ppl with heavy ballz and stong mind to join our family. Pm me here or Mad at discord's channel. See you on the battlefield, folks.
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