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  1. Sh1tHappens


    What about 2 more options? Option 1: Movable but flag when you hit the RB Option 2: Half RBs Combat zone and other half RBs safe zone. I am saying those 2 because i can't see any current option for lower groups with less gear. Regards, L
  2. Could you please show me the post from the project team saying that RB zones will be safe zones or the opposite? Thank you in advance.
  3. Sh1tHappens


    By putting pvp zone in every rb you will end up complaining that small groups farm mobs/giants 24/7 since there is no other way for them to gear up. Why pro clans need pvp zone on Tayr, on Brakki or such rbs? Choose a bunch of rbs with more importance that will attract the bigger clans and meanwhile this will give the opportunity and the time to smaller groups to get some less important rbs. In the end, the one of the crucial things that every gold severs lacks is the GM activity and the events. Events that are addressed to mass pvp can always attract the big clans and create pvp time. Everyone focus only in RBs without thinking alternative solutions on how to increase ways for mass pvps. Ofc the project team is the main responsible to think such cases but the community can also contribute to that by sharing smart ideas. Just saying. Regards, L
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