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  1. - Decreased fighters' skill power (only) for criticals. Gladiator and Dagger classes are excluded. - Decreased Empower Lv 1's magical attack. - Fixed Vampiric Cubic's damage issue. - Fixed Special Ability: Critical Bleed/Poison. - Squash event: Can no longer use pole. - Squash event: Extended mobs' spawn area. - TvT event: Can no longer use Greater Heal. Battle Heal is still use-able.
  2. - Replaced all IP conditions with hardware ID - TvT, Olympiad and Vote Manager. Kindly please report any issue or exploit.
  3. - Changed /time to be more clear what's the difference between the 2 times. - Fixed a bug which was causing the PvE points to get wiped. - Increased Heroic Berserker's physical/magical attack speed from 100 to 200 and run speed from 20 to 30. - Removed Heroic Valor's magical attack/defense (it was custom). Note: Skill description will be changed once we release the next updater release. - Removed Heroic Grandeur. - Removed Heroic Dread. - Reduced max buff count from 16 to 15. - Changed resist buffs and dances' stats to be more c4/c6 like. - Changed the prophecies to be more c4/c6 like. * Removed Prophecy of Fire's magical defense. * Removed Prophecy of Wind's physical/magical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched. * Removed Prophecy of Water's physical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched. - TvT event: Registration NPC was moved to Aden. - TvT event: Added Tie reward. - High Rate event: Gatekeeper NPCs were moved to Aden.
  4. - Changed max buffs count from 17 to 16. - Changed Water Resistance, Fire Resistance and Wind Resistance to be self buffs. - Implemented Community Board - Drop Info. - Slightly increased enchant chance for weapons. - Reduced Heroic Valor's buff time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Full check the updater.
  5. - Aden Castle Town is now the main town! - Swapped the sieges between Giran and Aden castle! - Removed the castle-town NPC crest feature. - Changed Olympiad's competition period to be from 19:00 to 21:00. - Changed EXP Box item to be tradeable. - PK Quest: Changed Agathion's Seal - Sin Eater's condition to be able to be used on sub classes as well. - Fixed using summon stop and attack actions increasing attack speed. - Reworked the voiced commands .expon/expoff. - Enabled the voiced commands .opendoors/closedoors for castles' lords. - Increased Hero weapons' PAtk/MAtk. - Slightly increased L2Gold Weapons' PAtk/MAtk passively. - Increased Angelic Icon's buff time back to 1 minute. - Renamed Elemental Resistance to Elemental Protection. - Renamed Holy Attack Resistance to Divine Protection.
  6. - Fixed Olympiad scheduling. - Extended Olympiad Competition Period with 10 minutes. - Changed Olympiad Battle Period from 5 to 3 minutes. - Added Empower to the Olympiad buffer. - Fixed buffs level typo for the Olympiad buffer. - Added a second global announcement when Olympiad Games are taking place. ^ Olympiad Info: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/ - Enter-character: Opens Community Board. - Fixed Community Board -> Raid Status' marker to open the Map before adding the marker. - Removed the crown raid bosses from Raid Bombs. - Changed Brothers Bound in Chains (PK quest) to randomly remove 5 or 10 PKs. - Changed Doll Knife*Doll Knife's weapon type from Dual to Dual Dagger. It can now be used with dagger skills. Increased its base Critical Rate and Attack Speed. - Changed Sonic Rage's MP consume back to default as per skill description. - Increased Prophecies' MP consume from 72 to 122. - Decreased Dryad Root's debuff time from 30 to 10 seconds. - Added Angelic Icon lv 1 to Paladin. Currently 30 seconds. - Added back 30% skill power to the Archer classes. - Removed Focus Skill Mastery's critical skill chance bonus (it wasn't c4 like). Corrected skill description. - TvT event: Restricted the following skills: Prophecy of Water/Fire/Wind, Chant of Victory, Balance Life, Body of Avatar, Resurrection, and Mass Resurrection. Greater Battle Heal and Greater Group Heal were already restricted. - TOI: Increased the drop chance for SN and mantras.
  7. - Olympiad scheduling has been changed: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/ - TvT event: Scheduled every 2 hours. - Refining: Unlocked up to Apella 75%. You also need 1 Event Medal for each piece of Apella. - ClanHallAuction: Enabled and it's using Support Medals instead of Adena. Everything else remains the same. - Fixed a bug when a melee/summoned pet could attack from far away while following. - Elven Fortress: Increased the drop chance for mats on mobs and for enria on giants.
  8. - Fixed all timing issues for events and daily reset tasks (daily reward, world chat, etc). - We have changed the following features for Castle sieges: If Life Control Towers are intact, the time is 30 seconds, if they are destroyed, it's 8 minutes. The attackers can attack each other. Classic castle siege information: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Castle_Sieges
  9. - Added Agathions to Event Shop Dianne (Vote Medals). * Cow Pack (7-day) * Griffin Pack (7-day) * Zaken's Spirit Swords Pack (7-day) * Baby Panda Pack - Big Head (7-day) * Bamboo Panda Pack - Blessed Resurrection (7-day) * Sexy Panda Pack - Blessed Escape (7-day) Note: We'll add more things for Vote Medals soon.
  10. - Fixed Fire/Water/Wind Resistance and Elemental Resistance. - Decreased Curse Gloom's range from 1100 to 900. - Decreased Fear's land rate a bit. - Increased the reuse delay for all summoners. - Changed Support Medals to be trade-able. - Castle siege: Removed classic feature: The attackers can't attack each other. - Castle siege: Can no longer debuff clan members.
  11. Hi Community, Please share your feedback with a reply.
  12. - Removed the speed penalty for Prophecies. - Decreased Prophecies' reuse delay. - Decreased Noblesse Blessing's reuse delay. - Reworked daggers' skills. - Increased the drop chance for Enria on Superior Giants. - Removed Recipe drops from Imperial Tomb. - Added Elven Ruins' mobs to Elven Fortress. Elven Fortress' mobs remain untouched. - High Rate event: Adjusted the drop chance on some mats.
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  14. #NewPlayersEvent Hi everyone, this is an event. We'll be able to give some minimal help to the new clans/cps and players that are willing to join our server. Clans/CPs: S-Grade weapons with SA, 1 crown set per party, level up and several Raid Bombs to get familiar with the server. Everyone has to log in at the same time. Individual players: We'll accept your fully geared items from another server for items here. Please don't expect to get top tier items here - the server only has 2 weeks. Your IPs and HWID will be checked, if you're already playing here, you won't be able to attend this event. Please give a chance to the new players. You can contact us through discord (preferable) @MAD (MAD#8531) or email us at admin@lineage2.gold.
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