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  1. Hi community, We need your help. We'd like to organize our first event in the BETA phase. We need 1 or 2 fully organized parties. Those parties must be organized by you. Clans can also participate in this event. No dual boxes. Every grand boss must be killed and based on the feedback we'll make the necessary changes. I'll make myself available to be online at that time - whenever you decide to do so, PM me on discord. We will have some prizes for the players/clans who will be involved. Prizes such as Event Medals and Clan Halls. Remember, Event Medals can be used to buy pretty much anything in the game. Prizes won't be given from the first day. Thank you! My discord: Trance#5043 Server's discord: https://discord.gg/XSwcw8y
  2. Hi everyone, In this topic, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions you may have and have an understanding of how the server will be managed. Long-Term server - Lineage2.gold will be a long-term server. We are dedicated to doing this no matter what problems we may face. We'll carefully listen, confirm and do the changes. We'll keep it going with the current players, update the server and invest it all in advertising for the next season. Donations - We won't have weapons, armors and jewelry available as reward at donation if the regular players can't afford them in the game already. On the other hand, we'll try to get most of our income in the first place from premium, level-up, crowns, raid bombs and such items. All donations will go into the server. We've been paying for hosting and everything we needed for half a year already and we don't mind to keep it going. We'd like to get back at least what we've invested, but there's time for that. Who knows me, you know I don't earn my living from servers. Events - Pretty much everything that is available at donation, will be available to be purchased with Event Medals. e.g. A whole clan participates at the TvT Event. Clan members, if they wish so, they can trade all Event Medals to the Clan Leader and he can buy one or more Raid Bombs, so that clan can actually kill one or more Raid Bosses after that event or at any other desired time; or you can get Noblesse crowns for one of the clan members; or the clan member can save to trade them for Enria or Mantra; etc, etc. Premium System - Our premium system will have up to 10 levels. Players will perhaps be able to get Premium with both, Support Medals and Event Medals. We'll slowly unlock the premium levels as time goes on. You won't be able to get all 10 levels from the first week (that doesn't mean we'll allow it the second week either, it depends how it goes). Thank you and see you around!
  3. Hello everyone, We want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this community. The BETA phase will remain available almost every day. We will periodically push updates and request the help of players during the remaining time of the BETA phase. This will only be done through our discord server. Taking everyone's opinion into account, we came to the next decision, Grand Opening is set for September 12th! Enjoy the summer!
  4. Community, We've started by making the following changes to the Grand Bosses jewelry. We can keep it going with the rest of the items, such as Axe of Ketra, Crockain Blade, Necklace of Hekaton, etc. We wanna hear you out.
  5. A friendly reminder that the announcements and change logs during BETA phase will only be posted on our discord server.
  6. We thank you for the good vibes.
  7. Hi everyone, We're blocking most of bots and silently detect the rest - manually banning them or automatically delayed banned so the Adrenaline's developer would not know where to look and when it happened. I believe would be interesting to keep Macro looping available for all players, which should be pretty fair. It can be very helpful and your attention as a player is still required since it's not a bot. What do you guys think?
  8. We've created a topic called Downloads. We'll add more options when available.
  9. We strongly recommend you to use our Game Client for the best experience possible. The Updater is archived along with the Game Client. L2Gold Classic Client Google Drive MEGA PCloud Lineage2.Gold (United States) Torrent (please seed)
  10. An update regarding summoners.
  11. MEGA,Google Drive are available right now. I'll upload the client to multiple websites as soon as possible.
  12. @Trance


    That's what I thought, to only make the arena zone for the raid bosses that drop wanted jewelry.
  13. Hello everyone, We are about to open the beta phase on June 6th and I could not be happier. All the sleepless nights doing this project will not be in vain. I started researching the options I have for making this server on February 15th - it didn't exist and is not yet an equivalent for the Interlude chronicle. This made me to take Classic 2.1 - Zaken and modify it for our needs. I could have chosen a newer Classic chronicle and work on it, but any update after the Classic 2.1 - Zaken made Lineage II Classic less classic. I added and removed textures, maps and all of that to make it as closer to Interlude chronicle as possible. After a while I thought that players need a server that has frequent updates, for this reason we will start a series of seasons - Season 1: C4 being the first season. In the updates that will follow in the coming months, we will slowly move forward in the newer chronicles without changing the client - zones, features, skills and classes will be updated. This project being a project built from scratch, will have many challenges, I commit my time to this project if you are by my side. I've been alone until now but now I'm not alone anymore. I would especially like to thank MAD for joining me, as well as to Law and ICE. Last but not least, to each and every one of you players. I ask for everyone's help to enter the server during the beta phase. I hope you all have patience because for the first few days we won't have an extra NPC to help you out. After the first days pass, we will slowly open and give free items, level-up and so on. I hope you understand that this is necessary so that we do not skip important parts of the game. We will try to offer prizes to those who help enough willingly, not something big, but something from us to show our gratitude and appreciation to you. Please use the appropriate sections for suggestions or reports - Report, Support and Beta Development. The discord server is a nice alternative, but I hope you won't post in the wrong sections. More news about the Grand Opening will be provided as we go through the alpha phase. We hope it won't take too long until then. L2Gold Classic Client can be downloaded on our main forum page by pressing the "Downloads" button or straight from the Downloads topic. We ask you to be civilized and kind to anyone. Thank you for reading this. See you in-game.
  14. I added all described options.
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