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  2. Hi community, We need your help. We'd like to organize our first event in the BETA phase. We need 1 or 2 fully organized parties. Those parties must be organized by you. Clans can also participate in this event. No dual boxes. Every grand boss must be killed and based on the feedback we'll make the necessary changes. I'll make myself available to be online at that time - whenever you decide to do so, PM me on discord. We will have some prizes for the players/clans who will be involved. Prizes such as Event Medals and Clan Halls. Remember, Event Medals can be used to buy pretty much anything in the game. Prizes won't be given from the first day. Thank you! My discord: Trance#5043 Server's discord: https://discord.gg/XSwcw8y
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  5. Hi everyone, In this topic, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions you may have and have an understanding of how the server will be managed. Long-Term server - Lineage2.gold will be a long-term server. We are dedicated to doing this no matter what problems we may face. We'll carefully listen, confirm and do the changes. We'll keep it going with the current players, update the server and invest it all in advertising for the next season. Donations - We won't have weapons, armors and jewelry available as reward at donation if the regular players can't afford them in the game already. On the other hand, we'll try to get most of our income in the first place from premium, level-up, crowns, raid bombs and such items. All donations will go into the server. We've been paying for hosting and everything we needed for half a year already and we don't mind to keep it going. We'd like to get back at least what we've invested, but there's time for that. Who knows me, you know I don't earn my living from servers. Events - Pretty much everything that is available at donation, will be available to be purchased with Event Medals. e.g. A whole clan participates at the TvT Event. Clan members, if they wish so, they can trade all Event Medals to the Clan Leader and he can buy one or more Raid Bombs, so that clan can actually kill one or more Raid Bosses after that event or at any other desired time; or you can get Noblesse crowns for one of the clan members; or the clan member can save to trade them for Enria or Mantra; etc, etc. Premium System - Our premium system will have up to 10 levels. Players will perhaps be able to get Premium with both, Support Medals and Event Medals. We'll slowly unlock the premium levels as time goes on. You won't be able to get all 10 levels from the first week (that doesn't mean we'll allow it the second week either, it depends how it goes). Thank you and see you around!
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    Hello, 20 MB players will play here with KOJ. i hope this server reminds me old days :) and i hope to see old members
  8. Hello everyone, We want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this community. The BETA phase will remain available almost every day. We will periodically push updates and request the help of players during the remaining time of the BETA phase. This will only be done through our discord server. Taking everyone's opinion into account, we came to the next decision, Grand Opening is set for September 12th! Enjoy the summer!
  9. Hekaton Current: Produces the following effects: MP +42 and +15% CP Suggestion 1: Provides a wild magic effect Suggestion 2: Increase P.Atk by 5% Shadith Current: Produces the following effects: MP +21 and 500% faster hp regen Suggestion 1: Increase healing received (by others) by 10-20% Suggestion 2: Reflect dmg skill 10-20% dmg ref Suggestion 3: 4% P.def and 4%.Mdef Faster hp regen just isnt usefull. If this becomes another healing effect buff (like orfen already changed) bishop are getting to strong to kill. If it healing received by other it would be usefull by tanks. Same for the reflect dmg. Tayr Current: Produces the following effects: MP +21 and +100 bow range Suggestion 1:Buff the bow range to 200 maybe? 100 Basically does nothing Suggestion 2: +7 speed and Vampiric rage effect Crok blade Current: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7% and Accuracy by 6. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 1: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7% Increases Critical Attack by 95. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 2: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Critical Attack by 95 and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion 3: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Atk. speed by 7% and P. Atk. by 265 during a critical attack. Enhances damage to target during PvP Sugestions: becomes viable single handed dps, usable by classes that would sometimes use a DK + shield. Since swords have a decent crit rate. Im not sure but i think the suggestions order of power are 2>1>3. Suggestion 1 are the same effects as a cudgel tho and suggestion 2 as DK SoA Current: Special L2Gold Weapon. Increases Accuracy by 6 and maximum HP by 25%. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion: Increases Atk. speed by 7% and maximum HP by 25%. Enhances damage to target during PvP SoA is meant as a tank weapon. Giving it Haste or defence stat would be more suitable. Altough giving it Pdef and Mdef makes it weird as a wep. Axe of Ketra I really like what Irelevant person suggested giving it Hp+haste Dk DK: There are only a few classes that can use duals effectivly. If there are already Croks in the game why have dk dk. Maybe just remove them and add the Claws in the place on the droptable Dusk Sword Current: Increases M. Atk. by 15%. Enhances damage to target during PvP Suggestion: increase Magic Critical Damage +20% If this is combined with the core and suggestion for hekaton/valakas. It might be possible to make some 1-hit kills, which gives mages a new playstyle. The other L2Gold weps and jewels are fine imo (Orfen and Core are already buffed).
  10. There are too many L2G Weapons. Making changes is fine but you shouldnt prioritize making everything "useful". People can live without Trident,Ketra,DKDK. Trying to add "spicy" buffs wont make the server any better. It will be just 1 more variable to try to balance out because most of the times it will be either a) Overbuffed - abusable or b) Useless , and the community will laugh it off. The D.Sword,D.Staff,LF suggestion above is nice.
  11. smakepz come discrord to discuss leave this topic for ideas not for your personall preference admins clean topic pls with only suggestions
  12. these are not 3 same weapons pls read before posting pls dont be retard to ask questions on stuff you havent read correctly
  13. That behavior is wrong because if the game is only kiting then why people should make melee class champions for pvp? It seems stupid. "on gold server" this behavior is also wrong, the point of the gold server back then was all classes could see playability and if you only think like a "gold server". What do you mean nobody like seeing gladi being viable? All classes should see play. then why should 3 same weapons should exist?
  14. Hello , since i ve seen you wanna change the stats on a non used weapons personally i gotta cheer for that decision bcs why every weapon shouldnt be usefull in the game. this is only my personal idea just idea , there is a slot for improvement but this is what came first into my mind when it comes to stats for the certain weapons , lemme start with the most useless 1. ONLY SUGGESTIONS Sword of Apostole - Well sword of apostole used to give 25% hp if im correct and some bonus acuracy and crit/p atk i forgot , you can definitely remove all stats and make it to give 25%HP/(optional)HASTE bcs of aggro spd so you dont have to aggro with AS haste instead/ and optionally you can add P.def/M.def bonus 5-10% since tank already got pretty high that wouldnt be gamebraking. thats all that 1 Tank would benefit from. Dual crocks/DK DK personally i dont see bigger usage of those items reather than some farming and Style, personally if ppl wouldnt mind the only thing you can buff those up with is some P.ATK so they can be stronger than S grade , i dont see any Stat that could change em to be Usefull since you can always KITE those classes with archer/mage in pvp. so crocks/dk dk - Style/farming weapons nothing else i can see em for unless you wanna make Galdis viable in pvp which i wouldnt reccommend nobody like seeing gladi being super vieble on Gold server , but its up to you. in that case some HP / HASTE would help on CROCKS/DKDK. AXE OF KETRA / DREADBANE - personally Dread shouldnt be changed , but ketra you can either make it a pvp Weapon for warlords to add Haste/HP on it or you can leave it as it is. when it comes to LF/D SWORD/D STAFF its all ok bcs D STAFF and LF are same thing only +1 enchant diference in M atk but both give C.speed 17.5 % compared to am acumen which gives 15%. that totally ok wouldnt change anything at all. only thing you can change there is set em up to have same M atk. and thats it. but its not necessery its w/e D sword is a weapon with Empower special ability instead of Acumen . but its still crap bcs that M atk is almost non existant. if you rly wanna make d sword viable weapon you can give him a good Empower buff % or overall M atk on a weapon. but it needs to be pretty high to actually be viable. DK / Trident personally DK/Trident are both dagger weapons but since daggers as a class are good only in early stages when ppl doesnt have a gear you cant make em viable later so their weapons are well ballanced all around nothing you can add there maybe a little bit bonus move speed on trident and thats it. DK is pretty strong with crit special abiliity but its not that good in pvp bcs as i mentioned before ppl are KITING but it is what it is, the best thing you can add is some movement speed / P ATK so ppl can farm better with it but nothing else i can see could change things. Cudgel farming weapon , could give it a buff on DPS nothing else got the point , unless you can make it 50% spoil or smth on a weapon to add like a special ability on a weapon to add 100% spoil rate like Boost or smth so instaed giving 1 fire mantra per spoil it gives 2 and enrias too , would make it pretty expansive on the market. Halisha shouldnt be changed its ok Crit rate and bonus acuracy is perfectly fine. SO THESE ARE MY SUGGESTIONS SORRY IF ENGLISH ISNT THAT RIGHT I RLY DIDNT BOTHERED. ITS ALL UP TO YOU GUYS NON OF THESE SUGGESTIONS IM HARDLY STANDING FOR THESE ARE JUST CHANGES I WOULD MAYBE MAKE, FEEL FREE TO COMENT AND SUGGEST YOURSELF ! PEACE!
  15. Disclaimer:The post is based in the idea that the devs wanna make ALL WEAPONS be chosen for a reason, or players have the option to make a specific setup.I am all in so weapons have a third stat boost instead of those classic 2 they forever had. I really would play an L2Gold Server but it would be more hype to get a revamped L2Gold server. Many players played this specific L2Gold and it's getting repetitive. That's of course my opinion. Disclaimer2: Stats are acquired from re-equipping them so I don't have any clue if any of those have either more damage into pvp or mobs, since their itemname writes nothing more than their 2 extra stats plus pvp damage. I know that the purpose of the l2gold weapons ( as the server feature always had written ) is that the l2gold weapon is an SA S-Grade weapon but a little better. We keep that in mind, but imo it's not bad that weapons could be a little more boosted, I mean they are weapons from bosses. So, AFAIK the favorites were: DK,DUAL CROKIAN,CROKIAN,LADYS FAN,DREADBANE,HALISHA. So what can be done for the rest to players have choices; - LF vs Dusk Staff vs Dusk Sword. For the record, Dusk Sword is Dusk Staff but worse (less casting speed).Aside Dusk Sword,the other 2 have a sole difference(physical stats are irrelevant, I guess), its MATK, so LF is Dusk Staff but better. We could either add something to dusk staff so it can be used for healing classes(either casting speed,or a third stat?).If either choice is added however, we should boost a bit LF itself.Then what about Dusk Sword? A random thought could be: - Dusk Sword for Max MATK. - LF balanced. - Dusk Staff Max CSPEED. - DKDK vs CROKCROCK Their difference:DK more accurate,crocks more critical damage. We all know DKDK back before were non-existent.The sacrifice for 6 acc for 100 critical damage I guess is enough. What could be done; Honestly, that's a bit hard. One of them could be used to classes that use dual skills and the other for fast basic attacks but since there are 2 classes with dual skills it's kinda weird.I can't find a way to make DKDK more valuable than crocks at this point.For example if I play with crocks as a bd, whatever I hit besides daggers or some mages with evasion shield, accuracy is irrelevant.So, more patk into crocks and more attack speed into dk? That's bad I guess.I have no clue so I will leave it open. - Giant Trident vs DK Difference:DK more PCritical DMG, trident evasion. I am not familiar with how much impact does 3 more evasion/accuracy into players, but as a number I think that it's kinda bad.Both weapons are used mostly from daggers and dk from almost every class for... reasons, so what if giant trident was specifically the better one solely for daggers? What stat could be added to accomplish this? - Sword of Apostle vs Crokian Blade Difference:Crokian more PATK,more atk speed, apostle max hp.IIRC, apostle was mainly used by tanks solely for that bonus HP, and only this.But I remember that as mentioned before, mostly classes were using DK for almost everything so crokian blade was kinda non-existent.Its atk speed and pcritical for patk had an impact.So what classes should use crokian blade for? - Axe of Ketra vs DB Let's be honest,if a weapon was non-existent, that was axe of ketra. DB was everywhere for its 360 range.I will specify that in its description Axe of Ketra says "increase patk for a critical attack" but in its tab I see an PATK increase in general while dreadbane has more patk in its description,not sure if intended, just mentioning.Honestly as Trance said, Ketra could be a PvP weapon and DB for farm, but I could see a world that those 2 would be for both reasons but with their advantages and disadvantages. Those right now are my ideas sitting in my toilet thinking what could be done, so those are general ideas around weapons.
  16. Community, We've started by making the following changes to the Grand Bosses jewelry. We can keep it going with the rest of the items, such as Axe of Ketra, Crockain Blade, Necklace of Hekaton, etc. We wanna hear you out.
  17. A friendly reminder that the announcements and change logs during BETA phase will only be posted on our discord server.
  18. Omg bro u are really fck idiot really... Go die... U speak about gold copy?? O just say trance server is more better from the others true beta like 2 months he speak and answer in all players... Who is your problem? Fck idit go die by order of peakyblinders we are kids? Lets see when server opening
  19. get real immature human being . You grew old enough already to stop tryharding at every l2 gold copy opens.. you even think peaky blinders are so cool and shit. It was a tv series boy wake up.. you aint ever gonna be a man , even more be a real father.
  20. Read your father ideas...
  21. Oh boy, do i read PeakyBlinders writing anti-zerg stuff , do i
  22. We thank you for the good vibes.
  23. I hope and I believe only this admin trance he can bring back the olds day of l2gold and he can bring new community... I supported this project client and I hope to opening after summer like September... Some ideas Tvt with a grade / custom gears If u open 2 siege opening together same time to broke the zergs... Core orfen lvl 2 for more then expensive this jewels Add 1 or 2 zones for S. Nugget and mandras Devastated siege extra teleports on rbs for more competition on this castle Every siege clan reward normal weapon +12for the start after 1 gold weapon All rbs flag zone and no Lure!!! Every crowns rbs drop max 2 crowns for more expensive the crowns... Ally clans max 2 ( 1+1) Champions mobs with drop bews... Or u can add pagans for new zone with some rates... % Behemoth rbs 3 max to drop parts armor and jewls max 75% only 1 drop ( this help for full mas pvps and actions on new rbs) Add on cudgel apostole trident axe of ketra crocian blade new stuff... This is some ideas from peakyblinders clan We hope to help Thanks all Cya On game By order of the peakyblinders...
  24. I voted yes , but it may be tricky with 3 boxes on giants
  25. There is not such a thing as "L2Gold" vision because everyone has his own perspective of how L2Gold is. (Example : Oly) The best thing you can do as a developer though is to look for previous L2G projects and figure out what went wrong with all of these and what they actually did right. Coming up with solutions asap in order to fix various "anti-fun tactics" is the most important thing these days. For example: Every kind of "reward" which is given for "free" or team based events , is abused.People will log bots in order to get more rewards without actually playing. B Grade All vs All events with PvP rewards eliminates all that. I m just saying that because i saw a "online reward", which is the exact same thing. I have 4-5 PCs ... and i m not the only one... Hopefully, things will be reviewed in order to keep things in order. The project looks promising.
  26. you can add them with retail time or put those buff max duration 5 min, so people who want to solo play they can do it without 3 boxing.
  27. IF you give it; Ad COV and prophecy to the buffer standard if you dont give it: you dont need to add it to the NPC Otherwise i will make a OL main XD, it is strong already. And most ppl will walk around without prophey if it is not on the buffer
  28. I totally agree with @asFute. The buffer NPC should be simple as it was. There is enough options to do your extra buffs. Since @Trance is trying to bring back these amazing days that we had let’s embrace it and respect that. The correct help from the community and the good work from the server’s team we are gonna have an amazing Lineage experience.
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