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Total clans showing 77 out of 77 clans
Crest Clan Leader Members
Rhapsody XesaR 18
Bokita Putitrola 15
Matilha Morthe 20
Zenith Mercy 27
Apofis AlToque 19
TheClanMembers 1ns4n1ty 10
Latin Joako 27
RocknRoll Inna 30
Kokona KaTeRiNaPeTRoVa 15
OldStars equeka 30
ViciousCircle PakO 10
Force Spilor 6
ShowTimeLegacy BornToBeHero 30
Bakingsodas Louisvuitton 16
AVG NtannieL 27
SeriousGamers Nayino 36
Luck Unlucky 27
ChickenLegion ECO 22
Shqiperia CptSkenderbeu 40
OdaTeam UltraBoos 13
WUTANG Caucasian 40
TeamOfHeroes IfeelNoSpell 40
JusTRulleRs Nemiroff 36
Hashshashin OrgasmO 20
MegalhAlvania Kapetanios 40
Savage ELPADRE 12
VoxaR Dawid 9
TndSociety DLL 9
Puccio Seh 10
Gupiki Marcinos 12
OlympiadGods Arteezy 20
Nova Nebula 32
ManausAM Raulzito 9
Blacksquad rapt 30
BrsHellguards Luan 20
YakuzaMT Arnoteck 10
MarcinPies Marcin 40
WarZone StillDowN 18
MrsAgli FallenAngelS 10
quantiumBase Scathe 40
ViciousGaming ClouD 9
EXPOSED SirDarky 9
AtHirsizlari ChiquitaVeS25 9
BloodKnight Nandead 15
SomosNozes BLEYDE 12
xnnxx MorBeck 9
GlobalOffensive Azpiri 18
WesTSideFapperS xCha0s 11
DamageTeam Roza 10
WhiskeyBar MonkeyDLuffy 15
Wemakeitlookeasy Random 10
OpNavsegda ArthurLV 15
Deluxe MrHerZ 12
OiSabourogamides Sabourogamis 20
LaCosaNostra Floki 17
SeCretFaMily ReyKaiis 12
EliteCaneS Nagato 24
Friends Sibley 15
LatinosCrew SomebodyElse 13
HouseOfDutchess Dutchess 6
suripanta suri 14
JoyRiders Joyce 30
WarriosOfHell Shops 10
NoLimit AgetecX 20
AngelicForce Dismay 12
Sins Stoned 15
RedKnights Pariss 14
ForgottenCrew TheForgotten 15
Monaxia Eol 15
RoF MrSenios 21
PeakyBlinders ThomasShelby 30
TheCrazyOnes NegerTeef 25
Akatsuki Obito 15
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Crest must be png/jpg/jpeg/gif/bmp and max image dimension of 24px Width x 12px Height
Experience (XP) 65x
Skill Points (SP) 65x
Adena 45x

We'll start with an Interlude gameplay (classes skilltree, zones, etc) and we'll slowly provide updates to go higher in chronicles, implementing even more features!

Check Server Info for more.

  • 1
    Birth A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower
  • 2
    Low Level Protectors All the low level zones up to Lv 60 are protected by our low level zone guards
  • 3
    Misc Shop All consumables are buy-able from the Misc Shop Harvana
  • 4
    Raid Bosses These can be found at their original spawn points
  • 5
    Auto Events We'll have High Rate event for Dark Omens and Disciples, as well ass other events, such as: TvT
  • 6
    AIO NPC Buffer There are support buffers spawned in Aden Town

You start of by buying S Grade Armor of your choice from the Mantra Manager Wilbrand. The armor starts at 50% and can be upgraded all the way to 100%, by 5% at each upgrade. You need different items to upgrade your armors and your jewelry. The higher % you have, the more items you will need for the next upgrade. Once you reach 100%, you can transform your armor into Apella.

  • The entire set needs to be refined at the same time, to have the same percentage and have the Set Bonus
  • You cannot fail when you Refine
  • The enchantments stay the same once you Refine your items